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2024 Annual Chapter Conference - March 15, 2024

The Conference Center at Waltham Woods

From Theory to Practice: The Challenge of Managing Resist-Refuse Cases In and Out of Court

This is an essential conference for any practitioner — whether clinician, evaluator or lawyer – involved in cases in which a child refuses contact with a parent. Using both a clinical and legal lens, this conference will provide the do’s and don’ts in high-conflict cases with parent-child contact problems as they move through the legal system – from the time parents decide to separate to post-divorce conflict. This conference will address possible ways of resolving the parent-child contact problems without contentious litigation; as well as how to handle court cases from motion practice to trial. Resist-refuse cases appear to be on the rise. It is critical that practitioners keep apprised of the latest developments for dealing with these difficult cases.



Report of the 2024 Nominating Committee

Read the Nominating Committee recommendations for 2024-2025 Officers and Board Members Here.


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