Here are links to download a number of files prepared by the presenters for the February 16 Webinar.

Each is a PDF and by clinking on the link the file will open in another browser tab and you will be able to download the files you want.


Webinar Agenda

Written Materials Cover Page

Probate and Family Court Locations & Contacts

Tips for Court Appearances

Program Glossary

Categories Standards Final

Appointment of GAL Sample

Short Order of Notice

Affidavit Blank

Sample Motions:

Template for Motions (Sample)

Motion Blank, Fillable

Sample Motion to Appoint Guardian to Waive or Assert Privileges

E GAL – Motion to Withdraw

E GAL – Motion to Terminate

E GAL – Motion to Perform Psychological Testing

E GAL – Motion to have an Additional Professional Conduct Specialized Evaluation

E GAL – Motion to Extend the Deadline

E GAL – Motion to Address GAL Safety and Inappropriate Conduct

E GAL – Motion for Instructions

E GAL – Motion for Clarification

E GAL – Motion for Appointment of a Qualified Interpreter

E GAL – Motion for an Extension of Hours

E GAL – Motion for Access

E GAL – Motion for Access to Prior GAL, Probation Office, and Court Clinic Reports