Join the MA AFCC Email List

As of January 14, 2021, we moved from yahoo groups to Mail List as yahoo stopped providing listservs. If you might find value in creating dialogue online, sharing ideas, publicizing events, debating issues or finding experts, please take advantage of a member benefit by joining the MA AFCC Chapter Email List.

All members are encouraged to join.

To Join: Send a blank email to:

This electronic mailing list allows members to email everyone on the list by sending one email.  Once you join the email list, you will start to receive emails from other members and from the Board on topics of interest. You may simply read and follow conversations, respond publicly so everyone can read your response, or respond privately to an individual’s email address.

Group Email Addresses:

A few items to note about using an email list:

– If you are responding to an email you received from the listserv, please be aware that simply pushing the “reply” button defaults to “reply all.”  In other words, your response will automatically be sent to every member of the listserv.  If you would like to respond to a single individual, you must type in that individuals email address.

– If you are concerned about receiving too many emails from the group, you can edit your subscriptions to a “digest” format.  Digest format will send you only one email per day.

– Please use a clear, specific subject heading that identifies the topic of your email and sign your name to the correspondence.

– Please do not promote your services or trainings. Not sure if your post is appropriate, email us first.

It is the hope of the listserv/website committee that our email list will create an additional way for MA AFCC members to communicate, share information, and stay connected.